Access Systems

Commercial or Residential,
we sell, install and repair all types of access systems

Access systems keep your property secure by allowing only the people you authorize into your home, building or office when you want them to be allowed in. You can have complete control over who has access and at what times.  You can give full access (family or authorized tenants) or restricted access (for a gardener, pool attendant or janitor).

Access control systems enable you to make any space with a door or gate secure.

Brands we work with include Linear, Door King and Trilogy, IEI, Tek Tone, A-IPHONE.  We install, service and repair all makes and models, including systems installed by other companies and we guarantee our labor for a full year.
Multi-device Systems
Are security systems comprised of different types of controllers (keypad, Remotes, Wifi for example) to control access into and out of a space. It may include doors, automatic gates and mention a few. It may have cameras, motion sensors and can even connect to fire or burglar alarms for commercial applications. We can design and build a multiple-device system to meet your most complex security needs. Don't install a system that isn't right for the job. One keypad or 50, three doors or 300 hundred doors. We will build the right system to keep you secure.
Magnetically Controlled Access Systems 
These systems use 600 or 1200 lbs electromagnets to control access (like a lock). They are the industry standard for indoor or outdoor applications. Whatever type of door we can install it properly.

Remote Controlled Access Systems
These systems allow access remotely from a small car alarm sized remote. This means you can be anywhere and still control access.
Cell Phone Controlled Access
This system can be programmed to call any phone or phones for remote access. People with access can also actuate with the use of a simple smart phone app.

Trust your security to the company the experts trust.  Lockup Inc is the preferred security company used by the Pasadena Police and Fire Departments as well as many other small and large businesses across the San Gabriel Valley.  Get a free quote for your security needs today.  Our goal is to keep you happy, safe and secure.
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